Warum March?

Why March?

By Julia Wuenscher

Is it called March with the pronunciation like in English [maːtʃ], or is it called March, like the famous Marchfelders? Why is there a dot on the C? Do you pronounce it differently? And do you call yourselves March or March Care? We are often asked these and similar questions, so we now want to create more clarity.

In March 2020, pretty much exactly in the first lockdown, we made the decision to found our company, which is where the name comes from the English March - "March". At the same time, March is also the beginning of spring, which we associate with blossoming and a new beginning. In spring 2020 we also planted the first lavender fields with 1,000 pieces of lavender, so we associate many beautiful beginnings with March and spring.

We could tell a story about the dot on the "C," but honestly, there isn't one here. We simply like it and we wanted to stand out from the März/March spelling. So the pronunciation doesn't change.

On Instagram, our Instagram handle is @march.care and our website is www.march.care , but our brand name is simply March. We added the Care to distinguish it from other brands, to create the connection to care.

We hope we were able to answer one or the other ambiguity. We are always happy to answer any further questions you may have about us or March. Simply use the contact form on our website.