Now new: Refill in Kai36. Hotel & Café Bar

At March we are proud to be taking steps towards a more sustainable future. Our latest initiative offers you the opportunity to refill your empty Lavender Hand Wash glass bottles at our partner hotel Kai 36 - Hotel & Café Bar - in Graz at a special price. Together we can extend the life cycle of our products and protect our planet.

This is how the refill station works

  • Pack your empty Lavender Hand Wash glass bottle.

  • Visit the café at Kai 36.

  • Lavender Hand Wash 500ml + Dried Duo-Pack Bundle Bundle March Care

    The Kai 36 team will take care of the refills. This happens very quickly.

  • Take home your refilled glass bottle at a discounted price. Have fun with it. 💜

Kai 36. Hotel & Café Bar

Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 36, 8010 Graz

Advantages of Refill

  • Environmentally friendly: This means you can use our bottles an infinite number of times before upcycling or recycling them. This reduces waste and saves valuable resources.
  • Quality: Continue to enjoy the high quality formula of our products.
  • Advantageous price: Benefit from our special refill price and save money while making a positive contribution to the environment.
  • Be part of the movement: By taking part in this program, you are actively helping to minimize our environmental impact and setting a strong example for sustainable consumption.

Refill prices

Lavender Hand Wash 250ml - €18
Lavender Hand Wash 500ml - €32


We currently only offer the refill option for our popular Lavender Hand Wash. We are working on expanding our refill offering to include additional products in the future to further strengthen our contribution to sustainability.

You can have your bottle refilled as often as you like as long as it is in good condition.

The benefits of refilling are many: It is environmentally friendly as it helps reduce the consumption of new packaging and minimizes waste. It is also cost-efficient because you benefit from our special price. In addition, with your decision to refill, you support the pioneering spirit and help pave the way for a more sustainable future.

At the moment our partner hotel Kai 36 - Hotel & Café Bar - in Graz is the only refill station. However, we are committed to expanding our network of refill stations so that more people can use this sustainable option. Stay tuned to our website or social media to discover new locations as they become available.

At this time we only accept our own Lavender Hand Wash glass bottles for refills to ensure the quality and safety of the product. This ensures that the bottles have exactly the right specifications for our product and helps us maintain hygiene standards.